Workplace Wellness

Coming Soon

At a minimum, we spend a third of our life at work. Given the demands of most careers, a lot of us will spend closer to half our lives in the office. Time is precious and if so much of it as given to our jobs, it's only fair that we cultivate environments where we feel safe, respected, and can build healthy, trusting relationships.

That's why our next project at Grace & Grind is to develop Workplace Wellness Workshops that cater to our well-being at work. 

Co-founder Wesley Forte has created several workshops in past roles including serving as Director of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City. With his expertise coupled with Kharissa Forte's insight as a certified health coach, our workshops will tackle issues such as:

  • Leading like a Coach

  • Effectively Structuring Priorities

  • How to Avoid Internalizing Failures

If you're interested in learning more about our workshops or if you have a custom experience in mind, reach out to us today.