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Before diving into the health and wellness industry, Kharissa spent over seven years working in media and digital marketing. From designing websites and overseeing social media campaigns to being a radio personality and content manager, her expertise in media and digital marketing is vast. Today, she utilizes those skills to curate services that will help further the success of health and wellness brands like yours.


International Sports Sciences Association

Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Online Coach, and Nutritionist

In Progress

Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Certified Health Coach

Class of 2019


Analytics for Beginners

Issued August 2019

University of Missouri

Kansas City

B.A. Journalism and Mass Communications

Class of 2013


Dr. Stern

Brooklyn, NY

Green Grove CBD

Kansas City, Missouri

Balanced Health

Minneapolis, MN


Kansas City, Missouri


Boston, MA

Perfect Earth Foods


Mad Hippie

Portland, OR

Soul Shine Hand Stamped Rings

Plam Harbor, Florida


Kharissa Forte is a top-notch 21st century storyteller. Her words moves the reader without compromising the standards of ethical journalism. She possesses a fluid ability to write about a variety of topics, from crime and hard news to arts and lifestyle. Kharissa's marketing background translates into SEO success for articles that need to be published online.

Toriano Porter

Editorial Board, Kansas City Star


Podcast Ads

Our backgrounds in radio as both the on-air talent and producer gives us a unique advantage for your audio needs. Whether you want a simple live read or a full out production, we have the talent and expertise to create a commercial that's ready for air play.

Work Sample:

Balanced Health Podcast Ad

Featured Articles

Put your brand front and center with a website ad on our homepage. Unlike pop-ups, these ads are crafted as blog posts to give a noninvasive, friendly feel. As a result, they naturally grab the attention of our visitors and invites them to learn more about you in a truly organic manner.

Work Sample:

ENERGYbits Featured Article (written by client)

Influencer Marketing

With a combined following of 11K+ on social media and an average monthly reach of over 6.6K, we're excited to share your product or service with our community. Influencer marketing is a fun and engaging way to introduce our people to your business in a way that inspires them to get involved.

Work Sample:

Mad Hippie Partnership

00:00 / 01:06



We have the design theory insight to create a beautiful, user friendly site for your brand. Not to mention, We're well-versed in SEO – which is vital for making sure your site is found on search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

Want us to manage your website once it's built? We've got you covered. This services includes Google My Business!

If you have someone designing your site and only need web copy, we're happy to help.

Social Media

Social Media Strategy is ideal for brands managing their social media presence in-house, but need help getting it going. This plan includes:


  • Template Creation and Setup

  • Custom 100+ Hashtag Directory

  • Facebook Audit and Setup

  • Twitter Audit and Setup

  • Instagram Audit and Setup

  • Linkedin Audit and Setup

Our Social Media Management plan includes everything you get in the strategy plus weekly posts on up to four platforms.


If there's anything we do best, it's content. I mean, we run a whole digital publication for Pete's sake!


Not only is this a great way to keep your audience engaged and build content for social media, but it's also pertinent to boost your brand's ranking on search engine results – especially Google.


With our expertise and certifications, you can be sure we'll position your platform for success.

Podcast Production

Voice SEO is the future and that includes podcasts. In the same manner that businesses in the 90s had to evolve by taking the internet seriously, businesses today who don't give podcasts the time of day may very well be left in the dust.


We'll help you create a show that fits your needs and talents, whether the episodes are 15 minutes or half an hour. Yes, we'll take care of the technical side and help ensure you sound good. If you're in the Kansas City area, we can even put in you touch with our partner studio.


Our media kit includes packages for both sponsorships and digital marketing. We can also work together to create a custom package if that better suits your needs. If you want to take a look or see our a la carte pricing, let's get a time to talk on the  books.

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