The Art of Meditation

Everything you need to know about taking charge of your mental health by meditating from a biblical perspective.


In this free course, Kharissa helps you practice meditation biblically. This course includes 5 audio lessons, 5 guided meditation sessions, and a workbook. Listen to the introduction below to learn more!

The Art of Meditation - Introduction
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Lesson 1: Renew Your Mind, Renew Your Life

Discover how to connect the dots between self-care and meditation. You'll also learn how to navigate the human belief system in order to create fulfillment and abundance.

Lesson 2: Be Still and Know

Find out what the story of creation has to do with productivity, rest, and trusting God with your calling. Plus, you'll learn which two beliefs are at the core of worry, doubt, and insecurity and how to use meditation to untangle those knots.

Lesson 3: Meditate on These Things

Uncover deep truths about meditation found in Philippians 4:8 and how it connects to manifesting a healthy, holistic reality.

Lesson 4: Take Every Thought Captive

Learn what it means to "take every thought captive" and why it's crucial to make war with negativity, especially when everything around you seems bleak and hopeless.

Lesson 5: Lean Not on Your Own Understanding

Wrap up the course with a lesson on what it looks like to trust God even when nothing seems to make sense.