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Before diving into the health and wellness industry, Kharissa spent over seven years working in media digital marketing. From designing websites and overseeing social media campaigns to working as a radio personality and content manager, her expertise in media and digital marketing is vast. Today, she utilizes those skills to curate sponsorship packages for brands who desire to get their products or services in front of the Grace & Grind audience.


Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Certified Health Coach

Class of 2019

Google Analytics

Analytics for Beginners

Issued August 2019

University of Missouri - Kansas City

B.A. Journalism and Mass Communications

Class of 2013


Dr. Stern

Brooklyn, NY

Green Grove CBD

Kansas City, Missouri

Balanced Health

Minneapolis, MN


Kansas City, Missouri


Boston, MA

Perfect Earth Foods


Mad Hippie

Portland, OR

Soul Shine Hand Stamped Rings

Plam Harbor, Florida


Podcast Ads

When it comes to audio production, Kharissa has the talent you're looking for that will make people want to learn more. Allow her to create a custom advertisement for you that's worthy of radio airplay. Just listen to some of her work to hear for yourself what she can do.

Balanced Health Podcast Ad:

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Featured Posts

Put your brand front and center with a website ad on our homepage. Unlike pop-ups, these ads are crafted as blog posts to give a noninvasive, friendly feel. As a result, they naturally grab the attention of our visitors and invites them to learn more about you in a truly organic manner.

ENERGYbits Featured Post (written by client)

Influencer Marketing

With a combined following of 11K+ on social media and an average monthly reach of over 6.6K, we're excited to share your product or service with our community. Influencer marketing is a fun and engaging way to introduce our people to your business in a way that inspires them to get involved.

Mad Hippie Partnership

Dr. Stern Partnership

Kit and Kaboodle

Want a podcast ad and a featured post or a podcast ad and influencer marketing? How about a featured post and influencer marketing? Maybe you want all three! Whichever way you mix and match it, we're happy to offer bundles that will help maximize your reach. 

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