What You Need to Know About CBD and Anxiety

cbd and anxiety

You have probably stumbled upon some sort of CBD product in the past, whether out shopping or doing online research to find a solution to a common issue, such as anxiety. This substance comes in many different forms. From drinks to snacks to even lotions, making it easy to buy in any store.

There is controversy surrounding cannabis products, and there is also tons of hype, not always with medical backing. CBD has been used as a medicine to help with various ailments. It has been proven to work in many cases. That is a fact. But now, CBD is everywhere, and many people don’t really know what it is.

What is CBD?

CBD is a compound found on the flower of the cannabis plant. It is not psychoactive, making it perfect for people who want to get the medical benefits of marijuana without affecting their memory, concentration, or coordination.

CBD is not the same thing as medical marijuana. This substance is totally legal to buy and consume in all 50 states.

What are the benefits?

There are tons of known benefits to CBD such as anti-seizure, anti-acne, pain relief, sleep aid, and more. Some people who suffer from epilepsy notice a decrease in the number of seizures they have when they consume CBD.

I asked personal trainer Colin Keedy about his experience with CBD. He has been taking CBD for about two years and has noticed improvements in mood, pain relief, and anti-anxiety. “I would encourage anyone who uses aspirin or acetaminophen to try CBD,” said Keedy. “As an aside one of my clients with Parkinson's swears by CBD to relieve some of the symptoms associated with the disease,” he added.

Does it actually work?

I started using CBD a few years ago to fight my anxiety and I noticed calming benefits almost right away.

Having just started my first waitressing job, my anxiety had increased exponentially. I had always struggled with anxiety, especially when it came to public speaking or taking exams. Don’t ask me why I accepted a job as a waitress, I really don’t know. Here I was required to talk to tons of customers on a daily basis and make sure they had a great experience in our restaurant.

After adding CBD droplets to a cup of water each day I became more relaxed with customers and that feeling mostly went away. Today I not only take it for anxiety but also to help me get a good night’s sleep.

That’s just my story. There are tons of others who have noticed an improvement in their day-to-day lives when taking CBD. It helps many reduce the physical and emotional effects of anxiety

CBD can be great in managing symptoms of anxiety and other issues but it will not cure everything. You should still put in work to improve any aspects of your life that could be causing you grief. It’s a great tool but it’s not perfect.

If you are looking to try this out, make sure you find a product that is truly CBD. There are some products out there that aren’t quite the same thing or require ridiculous dosages to see any benefits. If you find a high-quality CBD product that is legitimate, there will be very few side effects.