Tis the Season for Getting Your Sh*t Together

how to declutter your life

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As we start to wrap up the first quarter of this year, I find myself grappling with this energy that basically says, "Playtime is over, girlfriend."

Self-control and self-discipline have become very serious factors in my life as have themes of buckling down financially and clearing out the clutter and creating space for high vibrational frequency to flow. A couple of weeks ago, I rearranged my living room, donated the better part of my wardrobe to charity, and gave my pantry a much-needed overhaul. Ironically, the last full moon was all about these very things. Universal alignment at its finest, indeed.

Speaking of the universe, sometimes we can find ourselves lost in the fluffiness and the woo-woo of spirituality. I think it's important to remember that science is the physical manifestation of the spiritual world (I could write a whole book about this idea). With that being said, I'm grateful to have developed the intuition to listen and discern how universal energy should manifest in my own life – how to make it practical. This month, our writers delivered some pretty solid pieces that build upon practical spirituality:

Allie taught us 5 Ways to Celebrate Spring Equinox in a manner that tackles our space as well as our mental and emotional health.

If money is what's on your mind, Mia's article titled, The "Sinking" Secret That Will Save You Major Moolah may be right up your alley.

Audrey's book review on The Rise: Creativity, the Gift of Failure, and the Search for Mastery by Sarah Lewis has me bubbling over with excitement. Anything that pairs ambition with the inner workings of who we are and what our desires are is my cup of tea.

One of my favorites is Sophia's The Ultimate Vegan Skincare Guide which is full of products, practices, and all the things we need for a clean, green beauty experience.

Of course, there's much more where this came from. Take a look around. Read. Share. Enjoy.

Oh, and before I forget, perfection is so overrated.