This Pair of Panties Will Empower Your Whole Life

Written in partnership with Panic Panties

When it comes to underwear, we all have a pair of properly named garments fit for any occasion. Panic Panties are the panties you didn’t know you needed but now can’t live without. I know because I just sat down with the founders.

Meet Katherine Anne Connolly, Maria Marino, and Alex Bernstein—three best friends trying to make it in New York City. Think Sex & the City, but the broke millennial version.

One night while catching up over dinner, Alex shared how earlier that day she forgot to pack a pair of panties to change into after her morning workout class. She spent a half-hour desperately running around the city trying to find someone to find a quality pair of panties for the day before giving up and going about her day commando.

That same day Maria got her period in the middle of the day and also failed when searching for a backup pair near her office.

Little did they know, the situations and conversation that ensued would spark a business idea that would help ensure no woman ever went without a pair.

Comfy, hygienic, and versatile, Panic Panties are individually wrapped, high-quality panties fit for any moment that calls for a fresh pair. Whether you started your period a day early, enjoyed a good laugh and leaked a little, or spontaneously got lucky with the guy (or girl) you’ve been flirting with, Panic Panties are ideal for life’s unexpected moments.

I recently sat down with two of the three BFFs and co-founders, Katherine Anne and Alex, to talk about how these packaged panties are not only cute but ensure our lady parts are well taken care of.

BM: In what ways do Panic Panties fill a need for you and all women?

KAC: We are the definition of women on the go. We would go from workout classes in the morning to work to drinks after work to traveling on the weekend. We were constantly moving and didn’t want anything to slow us down.

When Alex left the gym that morning, it was 7 a.m. in NYC. Nothing was open besides a CVS or a Duane Reede. There was nowhere to grab a decent pair of underwear [except for] granny panties and cotton, thick undies that you don’t actually want to wear, especially under street clothes. We th