These 6 House Plants Will Literally Improve Your Health

These 6 House Plants Will Literally Improve Your Health
Photo Credit: Annie Spratt

Keeping indoor plants can really brighten a room and your spirit. But have you ever wondered why? Research shows there’s real science behind our green friends and how they improve our quality of life.

Stress Reduction

According to a 2015 study, tending to indoor house plants is shown to reduce physiological and psychological stress. One group was tasked with transplanting an indoor plant, while the other was given a computer task. The study compared psychological states, heart rate variability, and blood pressure levels.

The differences were noticeable to the effect that the subjects in the transplanting group were much calmer and soothed through the “suppression of sympathetic nervous system activity and diastolic blood pressure.”

Try it out: Consider getting a lavender plant. Not only is its smell and aesthetic soothing, but it can also support sound sleep.

Increased Memory Retention, Concentration, and Productivity

It’s been proven that people perform better and with greater accuracy when surrounded by a natural environment, both at home and at work. In fact, a study done at the University of Michigan showed that going outside or being surrounded by indoor plants can increase memory retention up to twenty percent.

Keeping indoor plants produces a calming effect which can increase a person’s ability to concentrate. Access to nature is also shown to reduce mental fatigue which can lead to a higher quality of work than tasks performed without any natural elements in the surrounding environment.

Try it out: Spider plants are fun and decorative plants with many benefits. They are easy to care for and will effectively purify and increase the relative humidity in the air.

Positive Outlook on Life

Flowers and ornamental indoor plants create a soothing effect on our system. They inspire feelings of calmness, happiness, and relaxation. “As a result of the positive energy [one] derives from the environment, the chances of suffering from stress-related depression are decreased as well.”

Flowers are visually stimulating and pleasing to the eye. Natural environments induce a more positive outlook on life which can make people feel more alive and active. This increased sense of energy can lead to greater feelings of vitality, which can positively impact one’s actions and performance at work and at home.