The Me-Trip to Dallas Every Wife and Mom Should Take

When the pandemic first forced us inside, I was one of the introverts who thought to myself, Oh, this is exactly what I needed. Fast forward seven months and I was in desperate need of getting out.

My best friend Kenyah was heading to Dallas to visit family. Being that she lives in Alabama and I live in Kansas City, the trip was a great opportunity for us to catch up for a day or two, as well.

Before long, I had my hotel booked and my itinerary set: a five-day wellness experience where I would indulge in the finest experiences Dallas had to offer.

Aloft Dallas Downtown, Savvy Queen Suite

Where to Stay

Aloft Dallas Downtown is bright, chic, and located in the heart of the city. If you haven't stayed in one of their hotels before, its name says it all. The loft-styled rooms with their rocky walls and tall windows are an urban oasis. I stayed on the fifth floor in the Savvy Queen Suite so Kenyah could crash a couple of nights. It was just delightful.

The staff at this specific location are particularly welcoming. I felt like a celebrity with how they treated me. (There's a life lesson in that somewhere.)

The incidental fee is only $50, but there is a $12/day parking fee so be sure to include that in your budget.

Hiatus Spa + Retreat, Inwood Village

Best Spa in Dallas

One of the first activities on my agenda was to hit up the spa. After researching a few, I went with Hiatus Spa + Retreat and they didn't disappoint! I visited the Inwood Village location (they have two) and enjoyed three services:

  • The 29 Again Facial ($130, 60 minutes)

  • The One & Only Pedi ($70, about 30 minutes)

  • The Signature Essential Massage ($110, 60 minutes)

Breathe Meditation and Wellness