The Life Hack for Anyone Who Can't Get Into the Groove of a Routine

If you're into astrology at all, then you know that there are four elements (earth, air, fire, and water) and each sign is in an element. The other day, I was looking over my birth chart and realized that of the ten planets, five are in water, four are in fire, and one is in earth. I like to think the fact that there are no air signs in my chart is why I'm always on the go and why I have to remind myself to stop and take a breath. The way the stars were aligned, my chart is pretty much all fire and water. That explains why everything for me is either black or white, up or down, or right or wrong. It also explains why my natural tendency is to either completely commit to something or not really care about it at all.

If you can relate, regardless of what your birth chart may say, you may also find that getting into the groove of a routine isn't your forte, either. As a free spirit and a business owner, I've learned that there are ways to be productive, find fulfillment, and achieve your goals without submitting to a strict routine. It's not so much about creating a routine as it is developing systems, breaking bad habits, and establishing healthy ones. Really, that's the secret. Generating solid habits and systems is the life hack for anyone who doesn't jive well with routine.

Right now, I'm reading Badass Habits by Jenn Sincero – the same author of You Are a Badass, You Are a Badass at Making Money, and You Are a Badass Every Day. She literally has a badass series and her most recent title is already proving to be a game-changer for me. I recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about the habit shifting process.

Another game-changer when it comes to habits and systems is understanding different types of stress and how to handle each of them accordingly. Audrey's article on the topic is super informative and you'll find it particularly helpful if stress is an issue for you at least once a week.

Sophia-Joelle's article about how to create a capsule wardrobe connects how choosing what to wear is part of our everyday habits and systems.

Circling back to a spiritual perspective, Allie's article on five powerful factors for setting super intentions is a great place to start.

A few more key a-ha's that I've started implementing include:

  • creating a to-do list and actually organizing it because simply getting it out of my head isn't enough; it's just the beginning.

  • focusing on three power-ups (that's what I call my absolutely must get done projects) instead of trying to tackle the entire to-do list.

  • racing the clock by seeing how much I can get done in an hour, taking a 20-minute break, and repeat.

Whatever habits and systems you create, the one thing you can't sacrifice is joy. Bringing energy that radiates love and light into your work trickles into every project, meeting, and connection you encounter – and that kind of energy is contagious.