The Connection Between Your Home and Your Well-Being

Photo by Joel Valve
Photo by Joel Valve

As I returned from a much needed week-long vacation, it felt good to come home to a clean house but the closer I looked, the more I realized I didn't leave my house as I clean as I thought.

There weren't any dishes in the sink but there was a now very stinky load in the dishwasher that had yet to be started.

There wasn't any dirty laundry but a load of towels waited for me in the dryer.

My bathroom was nice and neat, however I couldn't help but notice how the sink was smeared with particles of blush, eyeliner and other makeup.

My home wasn't as clean as I thought and that was a direct reflection of what was going on internally.

Just like my house, I had started to tidy up the inner workings of my mind and heart but the job was left undone.

Sure, I noticed the negative thoughts, fears and doubts pertaining to my career — and I intentionally chose not to fester on them — but I hadn't honestly dealt with them, yet.

Yes, I acknowledged hurt feelings caused by what I thought was a really close friendship but not once did I dig deep enough to discover what triggers were pushed on either side or how to operate in grace as a result.

The trash was in the can but it still needed to be taken out.

Just like my home, your home is a sanctuary and more often than not how clean and organized it is reflects what's going on internally.

Next time you look around and find piles of unopened mail, leftovers that need to be thrown out or neglected counter tops that could use a bit more elbow grease, ask yourself if there's a connection between the mess in your house and the mess in your mind — then do the work.