Surrendering to Boredom Benefits Your Work and Well-Being

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The average adult experiences 131 days of boredom a year and we've gotten used to using our devices as a quick fix for when there's nothing to do. Contrary to what we may think, aimlessly scrolling through social media on your phone isn’t actually solving the problem.

By definition, boredom is “the state of being weary and restless through lack of interest.” With that in mind, swiping away isn't helping at all. In fact, it's actually preventing you from taking advantage of the solution: just surrender to the state of being bored.

Data Backs Up the Boredom Effect

Recent studies have shown that tedious tasks that lack variety don't involve any forward-thinking not only help people get better at generating ideas, but those tasks also help people generate them faster. Research asserts that your brain will create stimuli if your environment does not provide one—also known as using your imagination.

Bouts of Boredom Benefit Your Work

The creative ideas that sprout when you're bored may increase your chances of getting that raise or promotion you've been going after. This is because creativity is viewed as a business skill. Courtesy of the link between boredom and imagination, allowing yourself to fully soak in these moments can have a big positive impact on your success at work. (Just don't let your boss catch you sitting around doing nothing. That may not be a good look!)

With Creativity Comes Happiness

According to a 2016 study, people who were engaged in more creative activities than usual during a period of just one day experienced an increase in positive emotions the next day. Researchers concluded that being creative every day leads to an increase in general well-being. Who couldn't use a little more happiness?

3 Ways to Welcome Boredom

Engage in thoughtless activities.

Think about what you’re doing and where you are when your best ideas come. Some people have a stroke of genius while on their daily commute, showering, cooking, or going for a meditation walk. These activities become boring when they’re just a part of the day-to-day, but they also give the opportunity to let your mind wander and spark creativity.

Stop scrolling and be still.