Real Self-Care is Deep and Complicated

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Self-care is not all wine and bubble baths. I'm known for saying this all the time, but over the past few weeks, it seems like wine and bubble baths are the only forms of self-care that I've been practicing – which I now know isn't self-care at all (we'll get to that here in a minute).

I guess it started back in December when Grace & Grind hired a much-needed team of writers and partnered with two fitness professionals and a life coach. Last month, you met our life coach Joy, and our resident Beachbody coach Ashley. They're amazing. This month, you'll meet our writers Mia, Sophia-Joelle, Allie, and Audrey as well as Nicki, our personal trainer and new host of One Minute Moves on Instagram TV.

Putting a team in place has freed me up to spend more time with my family, enjoy the fruits of my labor, and just rest. It's actually scary now that I realize how busy my mind was and how much of my life was on auto-pilot as a result of that busyness. These past two months have forced me to reevaluate my definition of and relationship with self-care.

As you'll see in one of Mia's articles, self-care and self-soothing are two completely different things. Learning the difference is crucial if we desire to practice self-care in a manner that's conducive to the rest of our bodily functions and needs.

Recognizing how to establish healthy boundaries is also part of self-care. Allie wrote an incredible piece that specifically speaks to empaths like me who have a hard time with this topic.

Sophia-Joelle blew my mind with her notion of toxic productivity. I'm grateful for the light she's shed on how to approach that issue, especially when ambition might as well be your middle name.

Audrey brings it home by sharing that even Jesus prioritized me-time and he actually did it quite often with intention. Her article on the solitude of Jesus reminds us that we have to refill our cups before we can pour into others.

With February being Black History Month, National Heart Month, and my birthday month, I find that this season beckons me to take real self-care seriously – and I'm listening.