Prepare for Take-Off: Getting Ready to Elevate Your Mindset in 2022

Ask and you shall receive. It's a universal truth of biblical proportions. There are no strings attached. It's a simple compound statement. Ask. And. You shall receive.

What I find interesting is that we'll ask... and keep asking... and ask some more. It's hard for us to move out of the space of requesting what we want and into the space where we just believe that not only is it on the way, but it's already ours.

From the scientific construct of our physical bodies to the spiritual design that impacts how we interact with others, our very existence is made up of a continuous cycle of giving and receiving. Even our thoughts are received, which is why we have the ability to take them captive as opposed to just dwelling on whatever enters our mind. Come to think of it, to dwell on a thought is to meditate in its most subconscious, natural form. Meditation as a practice is a choice, but meditation as a response is just human nature.

The phrase "to dwell on a thought" is fascinating to me. By literal definition, the thought you dwell on is where your mind lives, and where your mind lives is what your mind manifests.

Ask. And. You shall receive.

I think one of the most frustrating states to be in is when our desires don't align with our beliefs. When our beliefs block our desires, that's resistance. Resistance is the very opposite of trusting God and the universal system created to work on our behalf. Resistance shows up in many ways. You may have experienced resistance in the form of:

  • impatience

  • insecurity

  • thinking that you have to figure it all out

  • worry and doubt

  • not recognizing that roadblocks are part of the process

Sometimes, it's not so much that there's a lack of belief as there is too much identifying with the desire. When you get to the point where you need whatever it is you desire because you think it will somehow level up your value, your significance, or your happiness, then you've made the mistake of identifying with the desire. This, too, is a form of resistance. Signs that your desire has become your identity include:

  • being dissatisfied with life

  • focusing so much on the future that you miss present opportunities

  • creating from a place of validation (external approval) instead of fulfillment (internal affirmation)

The thing about resistance is that it inhibits your ability to move from asking to receiving. The most powerful way to unblock resistance is by practicing contentment, gratitude, and acceptance.