Mental Health Month: What We're Doing to Help Elevate Your Mindfulness This May

mental health month 2021

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As if I weren't hyperfocused on mindfulness already, May is the month that I'm super intentional about refining my routine and putting new things I've learned into practice – which actually just happens to align with Mental Health America's theme for this year, "Tools 2 Thrive."

According to their organization, one in five people will be diagnosed with mental illness. Both preventative measures of self-care and properly responding to trauma and toxicity are equally important as we strive to create parameters around our mental health. Some things Mental Health America recommends are dealing with anger and frustration, getting out of thinking traps (that's a big one for me!), and practicing radical acceptance among others.

Finding ways to connect and be part of a community are also important. The National Alliance on Mental Illness designated "You Are Not Alone" as their theme. Beyond the scope of comments and likes on social media, creating real, genuine relationships is a big priority as loneliness is one of the top two reasons why people experience mental distress, according to Mental Health America.

This year, Grace & Grind is hosting a series of Mental Health Month Talks to help our audience gain perspective and discover practical ways to implement mental health practices into their lives – and, yes, that means you.

These conversations taking place on our Instagram Live feature leaders in various areas of the health and wellness space and are designed to help all of us make mental health a top priority in a manner that truly aligns with the essence of self-care. If you can't tune in right when it's happening, be sure to reconnect with us later as every conversation will be saved to our IGTV.

Speaking of Instagram, one of my favorite articles this month that taps into mental health and social media is Audrey's piece titled, A 5-Step Guide for Building a Healthy Relationship with Instagram.

If you're looking to level up your meditation practice or get started for the first time, you'll enjoy Sophia's article on how to create a meditation space in your home.