Manifestation Is a Vibe Before It's a Reality

Manifesting the life I want is my divine nature.

I'm not chasing anything;

I'm attracting what's already mine.

There's no need to push or pull or prove.

I ease, I allow, I flow.

I am grateful for it.

I am worthy of receiving it.

It is mine.

It is mine.

It is mine.

I created this mantra (which you can listen to and save on Instagram) during the first days of spring this year after realizing that manifestation is a vibe before it's a reality. It's easy for me to focus my intentions on what I want to the point that I get lost trying to strategize the x, y, and z of how to make it happen. Be it developing a healthier lifestyle or turning Grace & Grind into a million-dollar business, sometimes what's best for me is to zoom out and align with the energy of how I'm moving more than the moves themselves.

Since I started aligning with this energy, some really cool things have happened:

What I'm learning this year is that vibing with the energy of how we manifest is a strategy in and of itself. Doing so can open doors and attract opportunities that we're not even seeking. When we choose to vibe with that energy, we identify with the essence of what we want to achieve. It just becomes part of who we are.

As it relates to self-care, we find ourselves healing from the past, pinpointing triggers, and preventing those cycles from repeating. We prioritize rest and know how to sleep healthier. We actually commit to the process of reaching our health goals, like Anissa Wilson who lost over 70 pounds shopping at Aldi.