Level Up Your Wellness With These 5 Amazing Apps

If you've read our post about digital declutter, then you know how important it is to take your power back from technology. Part of that process involves doing an overhaul of the apps on your phone. There are, however, several apps that cater to the self-care experience. Our five faves are all on Android and have free versions that are just as great (or at least really close) as the premium option.

21 Days Challenge

You've heard that it takes 21 days to create a habit, right? Well, this app takes it to the next level by offering different challenges to help you create new habits. Choose from challenges like fixing your sleep schedule, getting productive, going on a social media detox, and more!

I Am - Daily Affirmation Reminders for Self-Care

With several categories (free and premium) such as Stress and Anxiety, Personal Growth, and Health and Wellbeing, I Am sends you affirmations throughout the day based on your settings. You can also create your own theme and practice affirmations with speed meditation sessions. We love it!

Presently: A Gratitude Journal

Thought about gratitude journaling and never got around to it? Presently makes the experience quick and easy. Plus, it's password-protected so no one can snoop around. Speaking of, the journal is bullet-style so you can easily scroll through past entries – which is super nice when you're having an emotionally off day.