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Let More Light In With These Decorating Tips

how to add more light to a room
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When you’re feeling down or in need of an instant mood booster, there’s nothing like letting the natural light in.

That’s why we’re celebrating National Decorating Month and the start of Spring by adjusting our spaces to allow more sun into our homes. In a world where we spend 90% of our time indoors, it’s the least we can do for our bodies, our minds, and our spirit — right?

Not only does natural light boost your Vitamin D levels, but it also increases concentration and focus, reduces blood pressure and stress, benefits your vision, and helps you sleep better at night unlike exposure to those pesky fluorescent lights. Phew. Not to mention, if you’re using natural lighting as your main light source during the day, you’re saving energy and money.

Here are few easy yet stylish ways to liven — and lighten — up your space.

add more light with mirrors

Add More Light With Mirrors

Not only are mirrors a way to jazz up your walls, but they reflect light and make rooms appear bigger. When sunlight shines through a window and hits a mirror, it casts more glow onto not just one, but all four walls. For extra shine, place metallic objects in the path of where the sun hits for even more illumination. Mirrors come in all sorts of fun shapes, sizes, and styles these days — so feel free to get creative.

Alexa, play Golden Hour by Kasey Musgraves.

Choose Airy Paint Palettes

Ever wonder why neutral and lighter colors are so calming and serene? It’s because they reflect light! Pick a Saturday or Sunday to throw a fresh coat of light paint on an accent wall, in one of your rooms, or even on window trimming. While white is the most reflective color, you can choose hues close to white — like pastels — to reflect the sunny rays wanting to seep into your home. Eggshell wash is the perfect way to really bring out the brightness in your color of choice.

Free Your Room With Light Furniture

The same idea for paint palettes applies to furniture choices. Lighter grays, beiges, and whites are great options that create the magical illusion of brightness with fabrics and finishes. If you angle your furniture towards your windows, more light will bounce off the surface and fill the room as a bonus — especially if they are softer colors. I went with a light gray couch, white TV stand, and white coffee table in my living room, and it’s the brightest room of the apartment. Wood is also great for a more natural vibe. Lighter and warmer variations can turn any space into an airy sanctuary.

new gray rug

Rake In Sun With A New Rug

The best thing I did for my apartment and my mood was switching out my dark blue area rug for a gorgeous white and gray one. Little did I know at the time, the largest source of darkness in a room is oftentimes the floor. It all makes sense now why I feel full of zen every time I step into my living room now! If you choose to swap rugs or carpets, any light-colored one will do. I will say the softer, the better.

Don’t Do Drapes

Millennials are said to have killed the doorbell and top sheet, but I have found myself personally wondering if I killed curtains — oops. After a recent move, I felt a pang of strange guilt around not wanting to put up curtains or drapes in the apartment. But as it turns out, heavy curtains block natural light – which means that you’re blocking all of the aforementioned benefits of it, as well. Plus, when you allow the sun to become your alarm, it can help get your circadian rhythm back on track. If you must have curtains, opt for white ones. Still, open windows allow even more light to fill your rooms, so don’t block your blessings, fam.

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