Learning That Self-Care is a Flowing Process

grace & grind

Listen to From the Editor: April 2021

One of the things I've vowed to do as Editor in Chief of Grace & Grind is practice transparency. In the spirit of doing so, getting this issue off the ground was a big struggle!

I'm a dreamer. My head stays in the clouds and for the most part that's worked out pretty well for me – especially when I was trying to figure things out and find my path. Now, however, the path is lit. I'm on it. I'm finding that there's less room for sporadic creativity as a new responsibility to stay focused on this one, good thing has awakened. It reminds me that my word for this year is intention. Every endeavor I take on must be connected to the bigger picture and the end goal.

From a bird's eye view, staying focused seems doable enough. It's the day-to-day details that trip me up. Sure, how I prioritize projects and manage my time are big factors but when my mind starts to wander and wonder, that's when self-care comes in to help me stay on track. The role self-care plays in cultivating a focused, productive day starts before I begin working and continues after I'm done.

It involves making sure I get a good night of sleep. Sophia-Joelle's article on sleep is an excellent resource for identifying why you don't feel rested in the morning and how to fix it. Her article also includes one of our new Spotify playlists, which features eight hours of soothing sounds to help you sleep soundly through the night and wake up refreshed.

Another key factor is simply breathing the right way, which Mia covers in one of her articles. Who knew that breathing through your nose could be so impactful?

I found Audrey's take on the differences between mindful eating and intuitive eating particularly beneficial. They're both incredible for synergizing that gut-brain connection as well as for bringing spirituality and creativity into every meal.

Throughout this journey of becoming more focused, I've learned to take my Chakras more seriously. Allie wrote a piece about Chakra alignment that's excellent for beginners and serves as a great refresher for those who already understand their purpose and function.

In this season of shifting from being a jack of all trades to a master of one, I realize that giving myself a little grace is just as important as the grind. I hope this issue resonates and encourages you along your journey, as well.