• Joy Cook

Human Becomings: Embracing Who You Are and Holding Space for Vulnerability

Meet Joy Cook

Joy Cook is a certified life coach and Founder of Inspiring J.O.Y., Inc. In her line of work, she helps people explore possibilities, strategies, and solutions to reset and enhance wellness in well-being, finances, and relationships. Joy's goal is to equip her clients with the clarity and confidence necessary for creating whole-life success.

Tune in as she and Grace & Grind Editor in Chief Kharissa Forte discuss life-elevating topics that will help you reset, recenter, and reclaim your JOY.

About This Episode

In this first episode of Conversations with Joy, certified life coach Joy and Kharissa discuss what it means to be a human becoming and how doing so impacts how we see ourselves and move in our relationships with others. Watch below!

Key Lessons:

  1. We evolve every seven years, so expect to change. This applies to both physical ages and ages of a relationship.

  2. Shift the narrative and release hard-pressed expectations of what you "should" accomplish or who you "should" be simply because of your age.

  3. There's no such thing as "this is just who I am." Who you are is a choice.

  4. Contentment and complacency are two different things.

  5. The noise of external validation is a sign of an internal void and a lack of true fulfillment.

  6. It takes courage to be vulnerable with yourself.

  7. Who you're becoming is not for you. It has everything to do with someone else's process of becoming.

  8. There are some things in life that you must unlearn as an adult – but in that, it's important to hold spaces of grace for your parents.

  9. If you don't deal with your trauma, it will be passed down to your kids.

  10. Confidence only comes through action and the people in your circle will either feed your confidence or take away from it.


  • My heart is full and my spirit is content, but my soul is hungry.

  • If you don't know what your needs are, how can expect anyone else to know what they are?

  • If you're not growing, you're dying.


  • How does the notion of change every seven years call you to implement grace with yourself and others?

  • What unmet expectations of yourself do you need to release?

  • In what ways have you excused different thoughts or behaviors with the idea of it's just who you are? How can you change those things?

  • Do you believe at your core you're living a life rooted in validation or fulfillment? What steps can you take towards creating a more fulfilled life?

  • How can you be more mindful of making sure your Ego isn't in the driver's seat of your life?

  • What are your needs?

  • Is your love language truly your love language or is it a reflection of an Inner Child dysfunction?

  • What generational curses do you believe may have been passed down to you or that you may have passed down to your own children? How can you begin to implement healing for everyone affected?

  • Think about the people in your circle. Do they feed your confidence or take away from it?

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