How We're Making the Weekend Great Again

Photo by Ivana Cajina
Photo by Ivana Cajina

With quarantine in full swing, the seven days of the week have seemingly dwindled down to three: yesterday, today, and tomorrow. While the weekend used to be something to look forward to, these days every day feels the same. Here's what we're doing to bring back some of that weekend magic.

Friday Night Movie Night

Instead of watching movies every day, try to hold out until Friday nights to give you something to look forward to. Hollywood has opted to put a lot of movies that would've been in theaters on demand. For just $20, you can rent some of the titles you were excited to go see.

Spend Saturdays Outdoors

It's important to get outside every, single day but be especially intentional on heading out of the house on Saturday afternoons. Go for a drive. Find a nearby trail. Take a hike. Making a playlist can make the adventure even sweeter. Check out our Saturday playlist and Cruisin' playlist for inspo.


Countless amounts of churches are opting to stream Sunday service online. Abundant Life in Lee's Summit and Evangel in Kansas City are a couple of our favorites. This is also a great day to unplug and just be. Another option: make a point of meditating, getting in a yoga session, taking a hot bubble bath, or reading a good book – anything that caters to your mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

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