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How to Make the Most of 11/11/2020

Have you ever seen the same number over and over again as you went throughout the day? I was once told by a Christian naturopath that God loves to speak to us in numbers. From the creation story in Genesis to the divination of Revelation, it doesn't take in-depth research to see that God uses numerical patterns to denote significance all throughout the Bible.

Even though our calendar isn't exactly the same as the record of months, days, and years used in biblical times, we can still find messages and influences on a universal level with certain dates like today: November 11, 2020.

Significance of 11 and 1111

Biblestudy.org teaches that 11 represents chaos, disorder, and judgement. Given the pandemic and political mess, you could take this to mean that doom is either coming or going! What I would recommend, however, is looking at it from a more personal perspective. It's not so much about a world view, but introspection.

Angelnumber.org states that 1111 represents karma, spiritual awakening, and spiritual transition. It's an offer to establish (or reestablish) a solid relationship with God.

As we know, grace has the power to defeat negative karmic energy when we align with the God from whom grace flows. This idea of making your relationship with God a priority can sync with chaos, disorder, and judgement as it pertains to your individual life and how placing him front and center can direct and clear your path.

Here are some ways to fully take advantage of today's energy:

1. Open your heart and mind to elevate spiritually.

Before I dive into this, I find it important to give a similar disclaimer to the one I gave when I first started writing about meditation – a practice that was once demonized by "the church" despite biblical instruction to make it an intricate part of our lives.

We have to remember that the enemy has limited power. In terms of creation, he can only

  1. misuse the gifts God gave him and allowed him to keep when he fell away and

  2. twist and contort that which God has already created to deceive people.

Examples of this can include meditation, music, sex, or anything else God designed that the enemy has perverted.

I became a believer 11 years ago (wow!) and I find it disturbing how quick Christians are to relinquish power and let the enemy use the very things that were meant for our enjoyment and growth against us. It's a quick way to end up in a perpetual cycle of bondage, but I digress.

While I'm slow to speak and very careful when I study these things, I'm also unapologetic about reclaiming my power and sharing biblical truths once I've uncovered them with those who, like me, know there's more to this life than meets the eye.

We serve a big God who's not to be contained by tradition, religious rhetoric, or church culture. Exploring his might and mysteries is part of the wonderful experience that comes with having a relationship with him.

Case in point: Have you ever noticed how water is the only earthly element that was created before the world existed? When God created the earth, we read about how he hovered over water, separated earthly water from heavenly water, and manipulated water on earth into seas. But we never read about him creating water. Do you know why that is? Because it was already there (Genesis 1:2). Water is the only spiritual element that we can see, feel, taste, touch, and hear. Perhaps this is why water is so special throughout the rest of the Bible. We're baptized by water. Jesus called the disciples to be fishers of men. He walked on water. Even his first miracle involved water. And let's not forget that about 60% of the human body is made of water.

Everything is so intricately and intentionally designed. It's a shame for us to forego diving into these beautiful perplexities that tell so much about God's character and our relationship with Him. To do so is fearful and empowers the very forces of evil we're all trying so hard to overcome.

Nevertheless, water is still part of nature. As are we. Romans 1:19-23 tells us that just observing nature is enough to let us know that God is real. It also warns us not to fall into the trap of worshipping the creation instead of the creator.

Elevating your spiritual life greatly relies on reading the Bible slowly, taking out the time to really examine the text, and properly discerning God's voice. We may think you know God's voice, but as full grown stuck-in-our-ways adults, it can be easy to fool ourselves. A few questions I ask myself are:

  • Is this God's voice or the voice of one of my parents?

  • Is this God's voice or the voice of societal standards I was taught to accept as truth?

  • Is this God's voice or fear of stepping into the unknown and not fitting in anymore?

  • Is this God's voice or a trick of the enemy?

  • If this is God's voice, what scriptures back it up?

Opening our hearts and minds to elevate spiritually requires much discernment and caution. With the right provisions in place, the reward is worth it.

2. Sage your home.

Burning sage is not witchcraft and believing it is falls right under the whole notion of our tendency to surrender things that are beneficial for us without good reason.

Sage is an herb also known as salvia. Studies have suggested that when sage is burned, it releases negative ions into the atmosphere that purify the air by killing bacteria and removing mold and fungus. It's also known to reduce stress, alleviate anxiety, as well as enhance and protect memory function.

When people speak of saging their home (also known as smudging) for energy clearing, this is what they're talking about.

You can get sage sticks from health food stores or on Amazon.

The steps below outline how I sage my home. Feel free to use this as a guide as you develop your own practice:

  1. Open all of the windows or as many as possible because it will get smoky!

  2. Turn on nature sounds, meditation music, a chakra clearing playlist, praise and worship songs, or just enjoy the silence.

  3. Grab a bowl or alabaster shell to carry with you when you walk around your house to catch parts of the sage stick that may fall off as it burns.

  4. Light the sage and walk from room to room speaking positive affirmations or a particular scripture. You can choose to not say anything at all.

  5. Use a little water to put out the sage, gently rubbing the stick into the bowl or shell.

  6. Take a few deep breaths and just sit in the fresh, clean energy of your home.

  7. After about 15 minutes or so once all the smoke has cleared, close all the windows.

If you have asthma, any type of breathing issues, or allergies to smoke, then I suggest using sage oil in a diffuser instead of burning it.

3. Make a point to meditate.

If meditating is new for you or if you're skeptical about it, let me reassure you there's nothing demonic about it. These Grace & Grind original resources will provide more insight:

  1. 5 Biblical Truths About Meditation

  2. Meditation: Here's the Biblical Truth

  3. Meditation: Practicing it Biblically

  4. Free Course: The Art of Meditation

I'm all about fully absorbing energy. Today, for me, this involves meditating at 11:11am or 11:11pm (or anytime between those hours) for 11 minutes.

4. Do a mind dump, then go for a walk.

After I meditate today, I plan on doing a free writing session (or a mind dump) for 11 minutes. A mind dump is when you literally just write anything and everything that comes to mind with as few moments of pausing to think about it as possible. I like to think of this practice as cleaning out the fridge, only it's for your brain.

It's not important for things to connect or make sense, but it's also not uncommon to read what you wrote afterward and find there is a particular theme or pattern. If this is the case for you, pay attention to what that theme or pattern is and what is trying to be revealed on a deeper level.

Mind dumping doesn't have to be all words, either. You can draw pictures or scribble, too. Just get it all out.

After I mind dump, I like to go for a walk sans technology. I'll have my phone with me for safety, but I won't be on it and that includes listening to music. Post-mind dump walks are all about being as opposed to stimulating.

5. Nourish yourself.

With all of the opening up and clearing out, it's a good idea to nourish yourself on a mental, spiritual, and physical level. Be mindful of what you watch, listen to, read, eat, and drink. This is a great day to invite and engage in positive vibes only.

This could include the types of conversations you have or even who you choose to talk to and share your energy with.

You don't have to go on some diet kick, but today is ideal for eating as clean and as healthy as possible.


The energetic force of 11/11/2020 is powerful. Take advantage of what God is trying to offer you and maybe save you from by tapping into that energy. You can do so by:

  1. opening your heart and mind to elevate spiritually.

  2. saging your home to clear negative energy.

  3. making a point to meditate.

  4. doing a mind dump, then going for a walk.

  5. nourishing your mind, body, and spirit.

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