How Self-Care Saved Our Marriage

On season 1 episode 7 of the podcast, we went in deep! Too date, it's actually the longest episode we've done. We thought about splitting it into two episodes but figured this special post would be more helpful. Check out the timestamps below to jump to the sections you want to hear and gain a clear understanding of how self-care saved our marriage with these detailed notes.

Segment 1: Intro (0:54)

We kick off the show talking about Wesley's music and what irritates us the most about being approached with invitations to join MLM businesses.

Segment 2: Sean Reed and Ahmaud Arberry (16:09)

Our thoughts on being black in America and white privilege as it concerns the untimely, tragic, and brutal deaths of these two young African-American men.

Segment 3: What's New at Grace & Grind (35:19)

Learn more about us as and listen to what our favorite articles are this month. Plus, we're hiring writers! Apply here. Also, learn about our new #KeepYourCupFull contest and discover how you can win $100! Contest rules here.

Segment 5: Little Richard and Andre Harrell (38:56)

Today, we lost two of our iconic legends in the black community and music industry.

Segment 6A: How Self-Care Saved Our Marriage (40:19)

In 2018, we almost got divorced... and then we realized that self-care was the missing element in our marriage. Self-care taught us:

  • that we can't be any good for each other until we take care of ourselves (Matthew 22:37-39)

  • how to worry about ourselves instead of trying to fix each other (what to pray, leading by example, and the concept of grace)

  • how to disagree (listening to understand, impact vs intent, taking ownership, and accountability)

Segment 6B: Practical Steps to Prioritizing Self-Care In Your Relationship (1:12:25)

When it comes to practically making self-care a priority in your own life, it involves catering to your:

  • physical health (diet, fitness)

  • mental health (meditation, choosing what you dwell on by protecting your eye and ear gates, and controlling the narrative you tell yourself about your spouse)

  • emotional health (properly identifying true offense, ego, and inner child as well as tackling deep rooted issues)

  • spiritual health (venting to God, non-biased prayers, and reading your bible)