How Anissa Wilson Lost Over 70 Pounds Shopping At Aldi

Anissa Wilson's starting point of her weight loss journey came after receiving some tough news at a routine doctor’s appointment. Soon after, she started the fight of her life which not only included eating right and exercising but cultivating the mental clarity to stay on track. Today, she's happier, healthier, and 73 pounds lighter. A big part of her journey involved the decision to only shop at her favorite grocery store: Aldi.

AP: So I’d love to know what that moment was like at the doctor's office.

AW: I went to a doctor’s appointment and I was 250 pounds. My doctor told me I was prediabetic. My whole body ached and I was miserable and my blood pressure was sky high. I was very uncomfortable. Some of the weight came from depression in 2018 when I lost my mom and my sister eight months apart.

Anissa at her heaviest, 250 pounds
Anissa at her heaviest, 250 pounds

I told my doctor to give me three months and I’d be back looking better. I got home, took a trash bag, and cleaned out the entire refrigerator. I didn’t know how to eat healthy, so I googled where to start. I went to Aldi, took my time, and I was there for two or three hours just putting meals together. The next week, I lost 6 pounds. I’ve been going [to Aldi’s] ever since.

When I got back to my doctor, I’d lost about 13 pounds and she told me to keep going. Eventually, she told me I was no longer prediabetic.

AP: Wow. Was it

hard to make those changes?

AW: At first, it was sheer willpower. Now, it’s nothing to me. It’s a lifestyle. It’s clean living. I haven’t had fast food since December of 2019 and I don’t miss it.

AP: Tell me about shopping at Aldi. I think most people tend to think of stores like Sprouts or Whole Foods if they’re making the change to eat healthier, but then they get discouraged when they spend $200 on two bags of groceries.

AW: It’s the only place I went to for their prices and healthy things! I was shopping at Aldi before [losing weight]. It’s my favorite place to grocery shop.

I stayed on a budget each time I went and always spent between $47 to $60 dollars a week. It’s just for me, but I made different things. My momma said I could always stretch a dollar. I went in knowing what I was going to make for the week. You can actually afford it at Aldi - to lose weight and save money.

AP: I’m now looking up the Aldi closest to me because you’ve inspired me. Tell me about what you make each week!

AW: Turkey bacon, two slices for breakfast, depending on th