Get Cozy With These 10 Winter Home Decor Ideas

If you’re like a lot of people, you despise the freezing temps and slushy streets that are just unavoidable this time of year. As a result, you probably spend more time in the house, hopelessly counting down the days to warmer weather. There’s no reason the nip in the air has to steal the joy from your heart. You can transform your home into the perfect cold-weather hideout. These ten winter home decor ideas will help you find comfort in staying this winter season indoors and in style.

Candles, Candles, Candles

A good-smelling candle is essential for achieving maximum coziness this winter. If you’re into masculine, bold scents, consider adding an ash candle to your space. Your nose will be delighted by the smoky notes of charcoal and firewood that fill every corner of your home. For a lighter scent, try vanilla blended candles. The sweet notes of ginger, almond, and honey are sure to make your home feel warm and relaxing.

Game Night Table

One of the great things about winter is the chance to spend more time with those you cherish. Amplify those special moments by creating a game night table. Decorate any table in your home with a winter blue tablecloth, pine garland, and games for the whole family to play.

Winter Book Stacks—DIY Alert

Winter book stacks are a popular DIY project that can elevate your home this winter. You can gather old books from around the house or even buy a few new ones from a dollar store. On your coffee table or kitchen counters, stack the color-coordinated books on top of each other for an extra pop of winter style.

Make an Entrance

Decorate your home’s entryway this winter for an instant boost of coziness each time you walk through. Get creative by framing your doorway with long strands of frosted garland and mini pine cones. You’ll walk out of the cold and into a warm and festive sanctuary.