Fun & Free Ways to Virtually Celebrate Galentine's Day

If you’re anything like me, holidays are a huge bright spot I look forward to. This year, how we celebrate them and who we celebrate with might be looking a litttttle different.

Listen. I love my mans. I love Valentine’s Day. But we’ve been hunkered down inside for 11 months and have celebrated every holiday together.

Cue Galentine's Day.

As we grow older and busier, friendships become more sacred and intentional. Maintaining platonic relationships is just as crucial and meaningful as maintaining romantic ones, and it’s our job to make sure we fight to hold onto the people we love — especially in a time as crazy and distant as this one.

With winter and a pandemic still at our collective doorstep, the list of things I’m growing numb to and anxious-ridden by has expanded Yes, we’re all tired of rotating between our cell phone screens, laptop screens, and television screens, but maybe it’s time to put a new spin on virtual hangouts — starting with our girlfriends.

These virtually-based ideas for celebrating are perfect for Galentine’s Day – which is February 13, by the way – and can become recurring ways to stay connected with our oldest pals. As someone who has moved all over the place, these are genuine, tried-and-true ways to stay in touch — whether you’re long-distance friends or right next door.

Here’s how to freshen up your friendships and your Galentine’s Day while remaining inside and protecting those at risk in your community.

Take An International Trip . . .Virtually

Yes, I took a trip to Mexico with four of my girlfriends. No, we don’t even have to step on a plane! You can create an international itinerary for a virtual day trip or afternoon to a destination of your choosing without ever leaving your living room.

Research or come up with a creative list of (non-appropriative) activities you can do that are related to — or originated in — your select country or city.

Let me tell you, there’s a YouTube video for everything. We walked through Mexico City, learned how to make the Mexican native margarita, took a quick Spanish lesson, watched a performance of Jarabe Tapatío or “The Mexican Hat Dance” (and learned it too), and supported local businesses by ordering take-out from Mexican restaurants in our areas.