Full Moon: Activating Your Power to Release and Let Go

Photo by Leighann Blackwood
Photo by Leighann Blackwood

In my posts about meditation, I address how the enemy doesn't have the power to create anything. All he can do is manipulate what God has purposed for His glory in efforts of causing confusion and destruction. This couldn't be more clear than with the phases of the moon. Today, we see more and more witches and warlocks worshiping the moon as a goddess and misleading people away from the truth and it's time to reclaim our power as believers.

Have you ever wondered why the moon has phases in the first place? Why did God create the moon to wax into fullness and wane into a new phase? God doesn't make anything without rhyme and reason and this is evident even with moon phases.

Psalm 104:19 says, "He made the moon for the seasons..."

While it may be easy to conclude that this refers to spring, summer, autumn, and winter, we miss the mark by not realizing "seasons" refers to both nature and humanity. Take gardening, for example. You can buy any Farmer's Almanac right now and find what seeds to plant-based on the phases of the moon.

Not to mention, a woman's cycle is based on moon phases. If there were no electricity, all of the cycles of every woman in a certain region would be the same!

You see, when we focus on the original intent of moon phases, it has nothing to do with witchcraft. It's God's design and — again — it's time we as believers reclaim our power.

While a conclusive correlation between moon phases and human behavior has yet to be proven, studies have heavily suggested that there is an effect on both humans and animals.

If the correlation is proven to be fact, the question then becomes why does the moon have an effect on people?

The sun and moon have a gravitational pull on the earth that can be physically seen on large bodies of water. Because the moon is closer to the earth, it has a much heavier impact than that of the sun — an impact that's magnified when it's full.

Up to 60% of the human body is made of water and the brain is 73% water. Theoretically speaking, this means we could very well be more sensitive during the full moon because of the relationship between the moon, water, and gravity.

From a spiritual perspective, if we don't know how to release and let go during these seasons, we could have a tendency to act irrationally and allow ourselves to fester on our fears until the what if's we imagine manifest into harsh realities.

On a surface level, it seems like the enemy has no reason to even worry about deceiving people through moon phases. It's just science, right?


Science is the physical manifestation of the spiritual world and the more people realize that the less glory he gets. The Bible says people will know God is real because of His creation, which is clearly laid out in Romans 1:20 as Paul connects the unseen world (spiritual) with nature (science).

With this in mind, for the third time I say, it's time to reclaim our power by restoring the honor and glory the enemy tried to steal for himself. The energy of the full moon calls for us to let go. If you're battling forgiveness, bad habits, unhealthy relationships, control issues, consistent sin patterns (or thorns), feelings of insecurity and inadequacy, confusion, and other issues, the full moon is the time to release all of that. My full moon ritual consists of this:

Pray — Take whatever issues you're facing before the Lord and ask for His grace and mercy. Thank Him for His unconditional love and patience and for the opportunity to become all He's called you to be. Ask for His direction on how to move and the wisdom for when to be still. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you through His word.