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Dry January Can Benefit Your Entire Year and Some

Dry January Can Benefit Your Entire Year and Some
Photo by Ashley Byrd

Last year, the impact of the pandemic led to a big increase in alcohol consumption among women. When comparing data between 2019 and 2020, women reported a 17% increase in how frequently they had a drink and a 41% increase in heavy drinking days. Another study showed that this increase wasn't merely about being bored or not having anything better to do, but proved to be an effect of the psychological impacts the pandemic caused.

Unlike fad diets that do nothing for long-term health and sustainability, opting to participate in Dry January could birth some pretty sweet health benefits that impact both your body and your mind. Considering the fact that deaths due to alcohol consumption are on the rise, giving up drinking for a month provides an opportunity to reevaluate your relationship with alcohol and how you handle issues like stress and depression – which both impact your immune system.

Improve your organ function

Your brain, heart, liver, and pancreas all take a hit when you drink too much, especially if you have certain types of cancer.

Sleep better

When you drink alcohol late in the evening or before bed, you might drift off to sleep but you won't stay asleep. It also prevents you from entering REM, that super deep level of sleep that really invokes rest.

Strengthen your immune system

Simply put, there is literally zero health benefits to drinking alcohol. In fact, the more you drink the more you up your chances of getting sick.

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