Creating Something Real With Bad Girl, Good Human. Founder Orixa Jones

When it comes to brand authenticity, no one does it quite like Orixa Jones (pronounced oh-REE-shuh). Her brand, Bad Girl, Good Human., creates leisure-wear that speaks to and resonates with the everyday chick. In addition to amazing sweatshirts and more, women all over the world (quite literally) have found a community and safe space to find freedom, build their confidence, and shamelessly own their truth.

I sat down with Orixa to talk about how she built Bad Girl, Good Human. and the insight she shares is pretty dope.

KF: What does it mean to be a bad girl, good human?

OJ: It really is about embracing all of who you are, especially the duality. For example, who says sweet girls can't curse? Growing up, I was made fun of a lot just because of how thin I was. I had to learn how to be comfortable and confident with myself, my body, all of me. The good human side is who we are at our core: the vulnerability, the giving, showing love to people.

KF: What inspired you to launch Bad Girl, Good Human.?

OJ: I always felt like I had a vision, but couldn't really articulate it because I hadn't gone through anything in life, yet. I just knew that whatever I was going to do, it had to have longevity. I started off modeling and I really thought that was my ticket. I enjoyed it a lot, but I needed something more. After putting it on the backburner, I started exploring more creative outlets.

I blogged for a couple of years, but I knew that wasn't it. For one, I like to write when I'm moved to and, secondly, I don't like to wear clothes all the time. I knew I wasn't gonna be the girl who would get dressed up just to take pictures for a fashion blog only to go back in the house and take all that shit off.

I ended up shifting into photography and that was cool, but I decided to leave it alone after my hard drive crashed and I lost all of one of my client's pictures.

One night, I was out with my girlfriends and I shared with them that I got my nipples pierced. It was a total shock because I'm the one who doesn't really drink or do wild things. I'm the quiet one. When they asked why I did it, I responded it's because I'm a bad girl, good person. One of my friends said, "No, you're a bad girl, good human." As soon as she said it, I knew that whatever I was going to do, Bad Girl, Good Human. was the name of it.

After I figured out it would be a shirt line, I sat on the idea for like seven months. I was actually going through a rough season, which included a lot of crying in bed. During one of those low points, I just pulled out my journal and started writing down different mantras, muses, and people who might wear it. The next thing I knew, I was buying shirts to take pictures and create content, and build a website. I launched it in December 2017 and my life has never been the same.

The crazy thing is that year I was having dreams that I was pregnant, but I wasn't pregnant. A friend of mine told me that I wasn't birthing a baby, but I was birthing a purpose. Bad Girl, Good Human. launched eight months later.

KF: When did you realize that Bad Girl, Good Human. was a legit business and not just an art form or a creative, therapeutic outlet.