Creating a High Vibe Week Based on the Planets

planets and days of the week

Day to day, we all are doing our best to balance life. From eating properly and getting enough sleep to managing work and relationships, how well we feel and perform has a lot to do with habits. Thanks to Babylonians and their observations of the movements of the planets, sun, and moon, we have seven days to map out and get things done.

One way we can make the most of the week is by paying attention to the energetic influence behind each day. Every day is associated with a specific planet that reveals what the energetic focus should be for that day. It just so happens each day also corresponds to one of the seven chakras. Paying attention to both the chakra and planet for the day can have a positive impact on your overall well-being.

Astrologer Tanaaz Chubb, creator of the holistic and spiritual platform Forever Conscious, explains how to plan your tasks and focus your energy to ensure a high vibe week.


Monday is ruled by the moon, which represents a person’s nurturing and emotional instinct. It’s important to be intentional with your emotions and goals for the week. “Monday often gets a bad wrap and many dread the day or find it challenging,” Tanaaz said. Feeling as such could be due to some emotional energy that is unresolved.

How to Make the Most of Monday


Tuesday is ruled by Mars, which is the planet of action and energy. While Monday helps to prepare you emotionally for the week, Tuesday represents putting the emotions and energy into action. “Mars energy gives us the drive and passion to follow through on our goals, dreams and desires,” Tanaaz said.

How to Make the Most of Tuesday


Wednesday is ruled by Mercury, which focuses on organization and outlook. Wednesday is all about your mindset and expression. “Being the midpoint of the week, the energy of the Wednesday also provides us with a clue as to whether or not we are paying attention to our needs and