Calming Teas That Actually Really Work

If you struggle with anxiety you understand just how crippling it can be. These often unpredictable feelings of worry, stress, and restlessness are hard to suppress. If you find yourself overcome with these emotions regularly you might be looking for a natural remedy before seeking something more traditional like medication. Every case is different but tea is known to help people get past anxiety while seeing benefits in other unexpected ways.


Green tea is one of the most popular drinks out there because of its known health benefits. The fact that it is just as good hot as it is cold doesn’t hurt either. Thanks to the antioxidants this tea is packed with it can aid in fat loss and lower risk for several diseases. This tea is known to improve mental function and reduce anxiety and stress.


This tea contains nutrients that are known to carry medicinal effects making this a drink that fights more than just anxiety. Essential oils from chamomile are commonly used for aromatherapy because of chamomile's relaxation benefits. It can even be used as a sleep aid.


Menthol is a natural muscle relaxant making peppermint and other mint teas a fabulous choice for relaxation. This can be a great addition to your bedtime routine as there is no caffeine in peppermint tea. This will relax the body and mind helping you wind down from a hectic day.


Those who are familiar with essential oils already know the benefits of lavender. Not only can lavender help clear up sinuses and fight respiratory issues, but it can help with sleep and balance mood. I have found lavender tea to help with my menstrual cycle when it comes to cramping, general achiness, and even headaches.

Lemon balm

Lemon balm is known to help relieve stress, help with sleep, and reduce anxiety. Studies have found that lemon balm can improve cognitive functions and cause you to be more alert when completing tasks. It is possible for this tea to help with feelings of nausea and it smells great too!

Passion Flower

This tea is a common favorite among those who suffer from anxiety. Older women may benefit from this tea as it is known to treat some symptoms of menopause. As with the majority of relaxing teas, consuming this can aid in sleep, even helping those who suffer from insomnia.


You probably already know about turmeric as it is a spice used in many curries and other foods. What you might not know is that by using powder or steeping the root in hot water this loved additive can be consumed as a tea. Turmeric consists of compounds that can help fight PMS symptoms, headaches, and more. In some cases, it can even relieve depression. I have added turmeric to coffee in the past which helped with sore muscles after intense workouts.


Rose tea contains tons of antioxidants such as Vitamin C, which helps heal the body and fight off infection. If you struggle with menstrual pain this might be the tea for you. Acne can sometimes come along with periods and rose has a history of improving skin health. Additionally, this drink is known to help fight depression.