Book Review: The Middle Finger Project by Ash Ambirge

Book Review: The Middle Finger Project by Ashe Ambirge

About "The Middle Finger Project"

If you couldn't tell by the name, "The Middle Finger Project" is a far cry from the typical cookie-cutter-Christian self-help books we've grown accustomed to (and bored with). Ash Ambirge peels back layers of her own experience to help readers get real with themselves and find the bravery needed to live life on their terms.


If you can relate to any of the statements below, "The Middle Finger Project" is for you:

  • You know you were born for more than the standard 9-to-5.

  • You're tired of people not taking you or your ideas seriously.

  • You feel like you're all over the place, but you also know there's a meaning for the madness.

  • You weren't born with a silver spoon in your mouth. In fact, your spoon was a plastic spork.

  • You don't subscribe to traditional ideas of what it means to be a wife or life partner.

  • You think you're behind when it comes to everything you should've done by now.

  • You want to break out of the box society has trapped you in, but can't find a damn hammer.

  • You could benefit from some courage, confidence, and a carefree attitude about anyone else's opinions.

  • You need someone to give you a nice, hard kick in the rear end to help get your sh*t together.

Audible vs Print

Reading the book will suffice, but listening to it makes the experience that much more delicious. Ash does an incredible job at delivering every word in a manner that feels like you're talking to your best friend. Her voice drips sarcasm, passion, and transparency. Buy the book and listen to it, too.


You know how you'll read or listen to a book and want more when you're finished? This book doesn't do that. Instead, you'll walk away totally satisfied – like you just went to a really amazing conference. The print version is 304 pages and the Audible version is 7 hours and 24 minutes.


All in all, "The Middle Finger Project" is among our must-reads for this year. Click here to order your copy.