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Be Happier, More Productive, and Make More Money When You Wake Up at This Time

Updated: Sep 3

When the pandemic first hit, you may have found yourself catching up on rest and sleeping a little later. While rest should always be part of your health and wellness game plan, it may be time to start rising and shining a little earlier.

A study conducted by Amerisleep showed that early risers (4-7am) are productive 61.2% of the day while late risers (8am - 12pm) are productive only 48.6% of the day.

If that's not enough motivation to get up and at 'em, there's a correlation between how much money you make and what time you wake up.

  • Early Risers: $45.7K

  • Late Risers: $30.8K

Lastly, people who wake up earlier are typically happier according to their health, sleep, and social life data. This could be because they're exposed to more sunlight and they have a better sense of control of their time.

If you're not a morning person, don't fret. Only 50% of early risers were born this way. The other half had to work up to it.

Try setting your alarm 15-30 minutes earlier than usual. Hit that goal 3 days in a row, then set it for 15-30 minutes earlier again. Repeat this process until you wake up at the desired time.

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