Be Happier, More Productive, and Make More Money When You Wake Up at This Time

When the pandemic first hit, you may have found yourself catching up on rest and sleeping a little later. While rest should always be part of your health and wellness game plan, it may be time to start rising and shining a little earlier.

productive morning stats

A study conducted by Amerisleep showed that early risers (4-7am) are productive 61.2% of the day while late risers (8am - 12pm) are productive only 48.6% of the day.

wake up earlier make more money

If that's not enough motivation to get up and at 'em, there's a correlation between how much money you make and what time you wake up.

  • Early Risers: $45.7K

  • Late Risers: $30.8K

happier when you wake up early

Lastly, people who wake up earlier are typically happier according to their health, sleep, and social life data. This could be because they're exposed to more sunlight and they have a better sense of control of their time.

If you're not a morning person, don't fret. Only 50% of early risers were born this way. The other half had to work up to it.

Try setting your alarm 15-30 minutes earlier than usual. Hit that goal 3 days in a row, then set it for 15-30 minutes earlier again. Repeat this process until you wake up at the desired time.