A Year for Intention

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Can I be honest? As excited as I am about 2021, it's kind of hard for me to shake off last year's energy. There was so much we all overcame, achieved, or sidestepped and I feel like a lot of us tapped into a power we didn't quite realize we had. In the years past, I've always had this ambitious outlook on New Year's Day. I take on the year with a conqueror's mindset, leaving all that was behind with reckless abandon.

This year is different. That energy isn't meant to be shaken.

Since 2018, I've had a theme word for every year. My theme word is never chosen by random. It just comes to me. I'll dream about it or I'll keep seeing it over and over in my waking life. Back then, it was manifestation. The next year it was abundance. In 2020, it was fulfillment. And now, my theme word is intention.

As I settle into this formidable energy and recall my own different experiences from last year, my Spirit reminds me that nothing on this universal plane happens by chance. Every encounter, challenge, and opportunity has rhyme and reason.

Part of the power that I have, that we all have, involves the capability to put things into the world that shift energies and change realities. From what we say and create to decisions we make, every move either disrupts or flows with the wavelength of our purpose.

It's a power that exists and lives within us long before we're aware of it. An elevation of sorts occurs when we finally wake up to this power and we pair it with intention; when we become conscious of not only what it is we want to say or do but we take out the time to really evaluate the why and strategize the how. Being intentional means crafting our words and cultivating our gifts in a manner that aligns with authenticity and truth. That type of intentional manifestation is key for finding fulfillment which inevitably births abundance.

In this issue of Grace & Grind, we explore intentional living in several different facets.

One of my favorites is my interview with Sherelle Gilbert who shares her battle with infertility. Her story is altogether poignant, empowering, and calls us to dig deeper in our individual journeys of faith.

I also thoroughly enjoyed our new addition Conversations with Joy – a video series featuring myself and Joy Cook, a certified life coach who challenges how we look at ourselves, our relationships, and the world. In our first sit-down, we discuss what it means to be human becomings, embracing where we are in life, and holding space for vulnerability.

The piece on how what we think is connected to our physical health is insightful and definitely helps us produce intentional thoughts.

Be it in your work, health, conversations, art, or any area of your life, my hope is that you discover what living with intention looks like for you. May you enjoy the fruits that come with it.