A Time to Reflect, Review, and Revise

fall reflection

I. Cannot. Believe. It's already. October.

Where did 2021 go?

This year has been absolutely insane. Grace & Grind celebrated its first birthday in April and soon after we made the pivot to no longer offer digital marketing services. If I'm being honest, digital marketing was a field I was trying to get away from for over two years and I was happy to step away.

To keep it real, though, I was scared as hell.

Digital marketing is pretty damn financially fruitful and I spent all of my adult years working in that industry. After conversations with business mentors, I realized that I could use those same skills to position Grace & Grind to fill a hole in the wellness space for people and businesses alike.

A few months ago, I wrote about Grace & Grind's newfound commitment to Black wellness. What I know now is that every job and a lot of conversations I had lit the path that lead me to this point. None of it was in vain.

The years I worked in radio prepared me to produce and co-host our podcast.

Working in agency life taught me a lot about leadership, management styles, and workplace wellness.

Even the years I spent freelancing right after college pushed me to take writing, creating social media campaigns, and building beautiful, SEO-friendly websites seriously.

I had no idea each of those experiences would sync up to manifest Grace & Grind. Yet, here we are. As the word says, all things work together for the good.

With that in mind, fear has no place here because when you're courageous enough to operate in your purpose the coins will come. Period.

Some of the ways I'm seeing that unfold include our new store, premium experience, and B2B services—which include advertisement, writing, and website design services specifically for businesses that cater to the health and well-being of the people they serve. From churches and cleaning companies to counselors and personal trainers, there are plenty of businesses that help people create whole lives and those are businesses I'm excited to work with!

In hindsight, it wasn't that I wanted to quit digital marketing. I just needed to reposition what types of digital marketing services I offered and who those services were for. Clarity is golden.