3 Creative Ways to Celebrate Mom

Photo by Nappy.co
Photo by Nappy.co

Mother's Day this year is, well, a little different. Sure, you could opt to play it safe with flowers, candy, and a card since going out to dinner may not be an option (or the best option, depending on what part of the country you're in). Since this year is already different, why not use this opportunity to actually do something different? Check out these three unique gift ideas to show mom that you really put some thought and effort into the holiday.

Give her something to do

Being quarantined has forced us to think outside of the box and push the limits of creativity. Tap into your mom's hobbies and things she likes to do for fun and put together a kit so she can go all in! Think:

  • meal prep kit

  • art supplies

  • gardening kit

  • bartender set

Up her self-care routine

There's probably a lot of rest and relaxation going down already. Help her take it to the next level with:

  • a spa gift set

  • a plush blanket and candles

  • a few bottles of her favorite wine

  • a custom playlist with smooth jazz or old school R&B classics

Tap into her childhood

Sometimes, ad little nostalgia is all it takes to rekindle joy and laughter. A gift that reminds mom of her favorite childhood memories is one to be cherished for years to come. Treat her with one these faves:

  • favorite doll

  • favorite book

  • favorite movie with a VHS or DVD player

  • favorite vinyl with a record player