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10 Products That Will Bring Joy Into Your Spring Cleaning

This is not your average recount of cleaning supplies because we all have a stocked cabinet overflowing with extras and doubles of the cleaning products already beloved by the one person in the household who does all of the cleaning. It’s time to level up the spring cleaning game, and there’s no time like the one-year anniversary of quarantine to do it!

First up, let’s talk about the must-have gadgets that will become your new BFF and give you tiny butterflies when it comes time to use them. Oh, you didn’t think cleaning could give you tiny butterflies? Welcome to the major leagues.

Three words: Touchless Stationary Vacuum

Selling price: $79.99 - $119

This product is a best-seller on every website where it’s listed because it’s revolutionized the art of cleaning up ever since its emergence, according to reviews on Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Kohl’s, and The Grommet. It’s automatic, powerful, and bagless and users say it works on everything you’re tired of bending down to sweep into the dustpan, like dirt, pet hair, and crumbs, making it an exceptionally enjoyable addition for homes with pets and little ones who track unidentifiable messes into every room. Comes with a HEPA filter.

Revolutionary alert: Drillbrush Power Scrubber

Selling price: it doesn’t matter because your man will be cleaning the shower, finally.

Actual selling price: kits start at $14.95

There is something about using a power tool to clean that makes the process simultaneously satisfying and empowering. This collection of gadgets turns your drill into a powerful cleaning machine with interchangeable scrubbers. The scrub brushes are designed specifically for whatever part of your home you’re wanting to spruce up.

Handheld Grout & Tile Scrubber

Selling price: $30

Tired of feeling like you’re working harder than the product you’re using? According to the scrubber’s description (and its 4,800 reviews), the fact that it scrubs 60 times in one second means elbow grease is minimal. On Amazon, this product scored higher than 4.2 stars in all areas of use, and reading through the reviews is proof enough that this is the gadget you’re missing in your life.

These next few items are made to help you get to the bottom of cleanliness by removing fabric stains, clearing up odors, and generally cleaning up after you.

Folex Stain Remover

Selling price: $6 - $15

Find it almost anywhere cleaning products are sold. This stuff clears up stains from red wine, dirt, and more without damaging colors or using toxic ingredients according to the company’s website. A true made in the U.S.A. product that takes the suspense out of stain removal.

Odor Eliminating MOSO Natural Charcoal Bags

Selling price: $30 Eco-friendly. Unscented. Chemical-free. This product absorbs and neutralizes moisture, harmful pollutants, and eliminates odors according to its website. A perfect solution for that stale-smelling guest bedroom or mildew-scented bathroom. The best part? The company says these bags last up to two years at which point the bamboo charcoal can be sprinkled throughout your garden to help your plants grow.

Floral-Scented Multipurpose Wipes and Botanical Disinfecting Wipes

Selling price: Use a store locator to find a seller near you

Speaking from experience, life smells like flower fields and grease and grime don’t stand a chance with these wipes cleaning up after you in your kitchen, bathroom, and anywhere else you want to use them. Both brands boast a line of products that are free of harsh and toxic chemicals while promoting taking care of the earth by using plant-based ingredients and not testing on animals.

Leather Honey

Selling price: $26 for 4 fl. Oz

For those of you who find great satisfaction in the before and after comparison, this might just be the product you need in your life. Leather Honey cleans, conditions, and extends the life of that old leather couch you’ve lost hope for, those leather boots you’re not sure what to do with, and that vintage coach bag you’re ashamed to take out of the closet.

Next up: inventions for those hard-to-reach places.

Under Appliance Duster

Selling price: $15

You know that sound your vacuum or Swiffer makes when it’s reached its limit? That sound of hard plastic hitting metal that means the dust bunnies living under your appliances are once again safe from getting pulled out from under their hiding places? Never hear that sound again with this long dusting handle by Oxo.

Linteater Brush

Selling price: $13 Spring cleaning is about getting down into those hard-to-reach places that you only want to clean once a year, right? This brush is meant to clear away the lint buildup that happens in the dryer vent and duct and other tricky places. Like a mini chimney sweeper, but for your dryer!

Window Blinds Duster

Selling price: $7

If you’ve ever spent more than five minutes cleaning Venetian window blinds, this dusting hack is meant for you. Add a few drops of essential oils to these microfiber cloths to really spruce up your rooms!

What are your must-have products for spring cleaning? Let us know in the comments below!

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