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10 Accounts Every Guy on Instagram Should Follow

Dwayne Johnson


The Rock is a HUGE guru when it comes to fitness. He shares his workouts and diet for guys to follow and try on a daily basis.

Kevin Hart


Not only is this man my cancer twin, but he is also all about health. One of the only celebrities with a Nike shoe deal that’s not an athlete, he also cares and promotes healthy lifestyle changes and good habits.

Ron “Boss” Everline


Ron is on the list for being Kevin Hart’s trainer. Ron also has both gym and home challenges for prizes on his IG with workout plans to connect with his followers.

Mathew Fras


As a three-time reigning Crossfit Champion, Mathew is dedicated to bringing health to his IG followers. He uses creative ways to have his followers try his CrossFit workouts.

Shaun T


Shaun T, the creator of Insanity and many other workouts, helped me lose 100 pounds with his Insanity program. He also has plenty of exercises and short workouts on his IG and is very intentional with transformation with the mind, body, and soul.

Eric Leija


Who's tired of the traditional workouts? Eric IG is the cure to fix the same traditional exercises. Try some of his innovative exercises!

Michael Eckert


This ex-marine will have everyone motivated to try one of the best exercises to do, PULLUPS. His IG shows many ways to do pullups and how to make them creative.

Gideon Akande


The former Golden Gloves fighter is a beast with making working out fun. His workouts on his IG is for the enjoyment of moving. Try one of his workouts and get hooked.

Sean Garner


Sean Garner is dedicated to transforming average joes on a time crunch. His IG is dedicated to helping men get in shape fast with short efficient workouts.

Men’s Health Magazine


Men’s Health is a must for men. Their IG is dedicated to everything with men and health. Follow them now!

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