Kharissa Forte

Editor in Chief

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Pisces | Kharissa was born and raised in Kansas City, Mo and co-founded Grace & Grind in 2020. She's known for laughing at everything  (it's contagious!) and always finding a way to spot the silver lining. When she's not in boss mode, Kharissa can be found taking a hot bubble bath, reading a self-care book, or spending time with her husband, two kids, and dog Roscoe.

Audrey Prisk

Staff Writer

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Aries | Audrey is a self-proclaimed book hoarder, florist, and enthusiast. She lives in an RV in Southern California and spends her time traveling, writing, and exploring spirituality through nature. Audrey is a foster mom to a tortoise named Rosie (who we think is a boy). With her writing, she intends to draw people into greater freedom to ponder depths of human connection.

Sophia-Joelle Oswald

Staff Writer

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Aries | Sophia-Joelle was born in Lawrence, Ks. and grew up just west in Topeka. Today, she lives in Kansas City with her dog Duke and two cats, Chachi and Jorgie. In addition to writing for Grace & Grind, Sophia is a filmmaker, photographer, and co-hosts a podcast. Be it with her words or art, she desires for her work to help others take self-love and self-care seriously.

Wesley Forte

Contributing Editor

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Cancer | Wesley was born and raised in Kansas City, Mo and co-founded Grace & Grind in 2020. He currently serves as a 6th grade social studies teacher and head football coach at a local middle school. Wesley fills his cup by watching movies, trying new exercise programs, and zoning out to Lenny Kravitz. He also enjoys hanging out with his wife, kids, and dog Roscoe.   :-)

Allie Beckmann

Staff Writer

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Libra | As an artist, teacher, and creativepreneur, Allie is a modern day Renaissance woman in Colorado. In 2010, she began studying Yoga and meditation and started teaching in 2016. She's also a big believer in the wisdom of Ayurveda, which is an integral part of her life. Allie loves astrology, cooking, and helping people find power within the body and mind.

Joy Cook

Conversations with Joy

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Virgo | Joy Cook is a certified life coach and Founder of Inspiring J.O.Y., Inc. In her line of work, she helps people explore possibilities, strategies, and solutions to reset and enhance wellness in well-being, finances, and relationships. Joy's goal is to equip her clients with the clarity and confidence necessary for creating whole-life success. 

Mia Brabham

Staff Writer

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Libra | With 18K followers on YouTube, a hit book (Note to Self), and an entertainment portfolio to die for, Mia proves that being yourself is the secret. Currently residing in North Carolina, her work has graced outlets such as Huffington Post, E! News, and more. Mia aims to give people permission to be curious, take on challenges, and make their mental health a real priority.

Ashley Garren

Resident Beachbody Coach

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Leo | When it comes to fitness, Ashley will help you take on the journey with strength and courage. Full of integrity, passion, determination, and faith, this North Carolina coach offers several resources to get you headed in the right direction. From her newsletter to exclusive sneak peeks of upcoming Beachbody programs, Ashley has a lot to offer for your wellness experience.