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Certified through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Kharissa is ready to help you elevate your wellness journey with on-demand health coaching courses. A one time payment of $30 gets you access to every course available now as well as future courses that are in the works!

The Art of Meditation

Everything you need to know about meditating from a biblical perspective.

7 Day Herbal Detox

Learn how to use various herbs to rid your mind and body of harmful toxins in one week.

The Self-Care Cycle

Discover what it means on a practical level to love God and love others as you love yourself.

Membership Benefits

Joining our On-Demand community has major perks. Take a look!

Multi-Faceted Lessons

Courses are all videos, all audio, or a mixture of both. Some include bonus media you can watch or listen to later.

Special Gifts & Give Aways

We'll keep your wellness tank full by showering you with various tokens of appreciation exclusive to members!

1:1 Coaching Sessions

Only members can schedule health coaching sessions with Kharissa and your first one is on the house!


Challenge yourself to dig deeper with workbooks that include detailed journal prompts for each course.

Interactive Community

Create a profile and connect with other members who are part of the Grace & Grind On-Demand community.

Access to All Courses

Continuously enhance your wellness journey. Your one-time payment includes access to every course we create!

Heads Up!

The ability to join for just $30 won't last forever and the price will rise as more courses are added. Don't worry, though. Pricing will always be fair for both of us! However, you definitely want to get in now while the cost is as low as it's ever gonna be.

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