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We're proud to support non-profit organizations in Kansas City!

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At Grace & Grind, we understand how tough it can be to start a business that caters to the well-being of others. For us, it's much deeper than making a quick buck. Our goal is to change lives. We have a deep respect for those aiming to do the same in the non-profit arena.


There are several organizations that could use all of our love and support. Here are a few in the Kansas City area that we give back to through either funding, volunteer efforts, or pro-bono work. We would like to invite you to support their causes, as well.

Angel Hands Art Foundation

Angel Hands Art Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of youth through art. The organization was founded by Savanna Williams when she was just 8 years old. Savanna uses her artistic talents as a painter to help raise money for charitable organizations like St. Jude's and others.

Giving Hope & Help

Giving Hope & Help supports domestic violence survivors, provides essential resources to end period poverty, empowers college-bound and non-traditional students, and inspires cancer patients, lifting all those we serve to live their best life.

National Congress of Black Women - Kansas City

The National Congress of Black Women, Inc. is a civic organization that aims to help increase visibility in educational, political, economical, and social arenas by providing leadership and decision-making positions for African-American women in government, non-profit organizations, and private sectors.

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