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When it comes to web design, Kharissa has the ability to think outside of the box while also ensuring your site aligns with industry standards.


But, web design is only half of it.


Kharissa also has experience in analytics and SEO, so she knows exactly how to implement the best practices necessary to make sure your website is created in a manner that can actually get found on Google and other search engine platforms.

Content Management

Know what you want to say but not how to say it? Maybe you have the website or social media posts, but need compelling copy to go along with those designs.


Put Kharissa's skill to work for you!


With a background in journalism, Kharissa's expertise in technical writing coupled with a true understanding for the art of the written word will position your website, blog, newsletters, or social media posts to resonate with readers in a manner that keeps them coming back for more.

Social Media

Social Media Coaching 

Kharissa will audit what you have and help you set up what you need.

Social Media Posts Add-On

For clients with a content management plan and who need social media graphics for those articles.

Instagram Strategy

Discover how to grow your audience and convert followers into customers.

Influencer Marketing

Allow us to promote your products on our Instagram account, which boasts of 10K+ followers and growing!


With a growing blog and podcast, we're excited to offer:


  • commercial spots on our podcast,

  • featured blog posts,

  • and website advertisements


to introduce your brand to our audience.


You can also mix and match sponsorship options with influencer marketing in order to take full advantage of the platforms where we make the most noise!


Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Certified Health Coach

Class of 2019

Google Analytics

Analytics for Beginners

Issued August 2019

University of Missouri - Kansas City

B.A. Journalism and Mass Communications

Class of 2013



Do you have a blog or podcast that you're ready to get off the ground? Now is the time to make it happen. For $99, you'll get a beautiful, custom website that's easy to manage and has a friendly user experience just like The Mama Mogul Podcast. Not to mention, your site will align with SEO standards and will be created in a manner that allows you to add more pages later as your brand grows. Here's what you get:

  • home page

  • about page

  • blog and/or podcast page

  • contact and subscribe page

  • informative service or single product page (optional; add $51)

Let's Work Together

We work with brands and businesses of all sizes! This includes bloggers, podcasts, solopreneurs, small businesses, and major corporations. We're happy to help you excel if...

  • you have a health and wellness brand, a business that caters to making people look or feel better about themselves, or a business that helps people live their best lives.

  • you want a team player whose expertise you can trust.

  • you're ready to invest in your business at a cost that's fair for and respectful to everyone.

  • you may or may not fully understand digital marketing but recognize its signifcance.

  • you're looking for a creative partnership where strategies are tested to discover what works best.

  • you respect boundaries of work/life balance and realize that while you're a top priority, you're not the only client being served.

  • you recognize that digital marketing is just one vital part of your brand's success and set realistic goals based on that fact.

You may want to pass on working with us if...

  • nothing about your business helps people create a better life.

  • what you really desires is an assistant who you can micro-manage.

  • you're looking to squeeze out as much as you can and pay as little as possible.

  • you're pretty doubtful about the efficiency of digital marketing and don't think you really need it at all.

  • you demand a flawless, get-rich-quick strategy with results or ROI that happen overnight.

  • you want 24/7/365 access and believe all texts, emails and phone calls should be replied to in five minutes or less.

  • you have unrealistic standards and expect all problem areas of your business to be solved through digital marketing.

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