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Who We Are and What We Do

Grace & Grind is a health and wellness publication in Kansas City, Missouri that aims to enrich, enhance, and empower lives through self-care. In addition to our articles and podcast, we offer digital marketing services such as podcast advertisements, featured posts, influencer marketing, and web design.

Important Information

  1. Articles should fit under the health and wellness umbrella. This includes self-care, spiritual/mental/emotional health, medical health, relationships, and workplace wellness.

  2. Articles should not be promotions disguised as blog posts. Your website and Instagram handle will be included so people will have the opportunity to check out your business or brand.

  3. Lists, numbered tips, and how-to's are always great.

  4. Double-check your spelling and grammar. Grammarly is an excellent, free tool that can help.

  5. Articles should be between 320 and 480 words. Check out to keep track, then copy/paste your article in the form below.

  6. Spread the word by sharing your article on social media (especially Instagram!) and tag us so we can like it and share it, too.

  7. The form will not allow hyperlinks. If your article contains sources, cite them with [1], [2], [3], etc and list the sources at the bottom of the article. For example:

According to the CDC [1], there are certain steps to take if you think you have contracted the virus. A recent study showed [2] that most of blah blah blah, but USA Today reported [3] that yada yada ya.





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