When it comes to health and wellness, it takes a big team to create efficient lifelong change and we can't do it all by ourselves. That's why we've partnered with other brands that take self-care just as seriously as we do. We don't work with any old business. All of our affiliates are highly vetted by the Grace & Grind team and many of us use these products in our personal everyday lives. As a result, you get to soak up savings on top-of-the-line products designed to help you thrive from the inside out.

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Balanced Health

Balanced Health provides bioenergetic testing and natural remedies for chronic stress and health imbalances. If you've ever wondered if you have food sensitivities, hormonal imbalances, or resonating toxins, Balanced Health is for you. Start with one of their seven scans and follow up by subscribing to their natural, homeopathic remedies which will help relieve the issues that showed up in your scan. Consultations are also available for additional support.

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  • $5 off monthly subscriptions with codeGG20SUB


Pet Medella

The sister company of Balanced Health, Pet Medella can help determine the energetic health of your fur baby. Complete with a report that includes data on your pet's stress levels, environmental sensitivities, and more, you'll also receive a custom regimen that details what an ideal diet should look like as well as what herbs and other nutritional supplements your pet should take.

Use code GG20 to get $20 off scans.


Balance the Superfood Shot

With two and a half servings of organic superfoods in every shot, Balance the Superfood Shot provides your body with half of the fruits and veggies it needs to power through the day.


Energy Bits

Backed by NASA and the United Nations, Energy Bits are bite-sized algae tablets made of chlorella and spirulina that literally get rid of the need to eat veggies! Whether you swallow them with water or chew them like nuts, Bits provides nutrients that improve your immunity, gut health,  energy, and beauty.