Our Story

After being married for seven years, Wesley and Kharissa Forte found themselves on the brink of divorce. Through a few rounds of counseling, they learned that neither one of them had a healthy relationship with self-care and were encouraged to put some practices into place both as individuals and as a couple. During that time, in addition to cultivating personal growth, Wesley lost 100 pounds and Kharissa became a certified health coach.


With a new understanding of the grace and grind it took to create a healthy and happy marriage, they decided to start a podcast to share what they learned and to help people flourish in their own lives and relationships. The first episode aired on January 24, 2020 (right before the pandemic!) and Grace & Grind became an official business just a few months later on April 22.

Grace & Grind is a Black-owned and woman-owned online publication, podcast, and shop where we believe self-care is the most selfless thing you can do. In addition to our content, we also offer advertising and writing services to other health and wellness brands.

Wesley and Kharissa celebrated 10 years of marriage on March 11, 2021. They hope to pass on an energy of unconditional love, joy, and peace of mind with all those who encounter the Grace & Grind brand.