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Sophia-Joelle Oswald

releasing shame and brokenness meditation

The show that puts progress over perfection and BBQ over smoothie bowls! Tune in as they dish over the latest in self-care, health and wellness, marriage, and more. Here, you'll find candid conversations, guided meditations, and interviews with industry professionals. Hosted by your favorite couple in Kansas City, Wesley and Kharissa Forte.

Joy Cook is a certified life coach and Founder of Inspiring J.O.Y., Inc. In her line of work, she helps people explore possibilities, strategies, and solutions to reset and enhance wellness in well-being, finances, and relationships. Joy's goal is to equip her clients with the clarity and confidence necessary for creating whole-life success.


Tune in as she and Grace & Grind Editor in Chief Kharissa Forte discuss life-elevating topics that will help you reset, recenter, and reclaim your JOY.

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